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our goal

Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical evaluations of the highest quality, reliability and integrity in support of unbiased determinations based upon a thorough assessment of available medical evidence.

credibility, objectivity and integrity

The value of an IME report is dependent upon its credibility. Credibility and integrity are two of the key factors that have formed the foundation of our organization. At the core of each evaluation is a high-level of ethics and integrity, assessing each case based upon objective clinical findings and the merits of each case. In consistently adhering to these principles, we can achieve optimum credibility. Objectivity is crucial to an IME, and a comprehensive evidence-based evaluation requires a thorough knowledge of the facts related to a case, careful interview and examination of the claimant and detailed evaluation of all pertinent diagnostic testing. Our experts are experienced in the performance of each of these facets of a comprehensive evaluation, and can provide the opinions and recommendations based upon objective clinical data that ensures the validity of the clinical findings.


We have an experienced staff, both in administration as well as our panel of physician experts. Our core administrative staff has a total of over 40 years of experience in the IME business.

We have endeavored to select the best panel of medical evaluators and consultants and we carefully screen and credential all of our physicians to maintain that high level of credibility. Curriculum vitae of our physicians are available from our office at any time. Please contact our office if you need copies of these documents or if you have any other questions concerning our experienced staff of physicians.

unrivaled service

Today, we all face the challenges of an increasingly heavy workload with less and less time to accomplish our goals. We have a commitment to provide premier services to make your job easier. We have installed a state-of-the-art scheduling system that allows you to schedule an appointment any day at any time. It will also allow you to track the progress of an evaluation—from the initial scheduling through to the completion and dissemination of the report. We provide the ability for you to send records to our office through a secure network, or our staff can come to your office to provide on-site assistance in making appointments, transporting medical records or providing any other services to make your job easier.

quality and timeliness

Without prompt courteous service and an industry-leading turnaround time, the usefulness of any report may be diminished. Given our experience in the industry, our staff has a clear understanding of the needs of our clients. We have an experienced quality control panel to insure completeness and accuracy of the final reports, and we have a commitment to continue to provide the best possible service in all aspects of our business.


Our company is based in Michigan, but we can provide services across the country.

management team

Natalie Westphal Office Manager
Michelle Hyatt Chief Financial Officer
Theresa Kirn Administrative Assistant/Scheduler